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Photoville 2022 Exhibit / Nature Nurtures
visual thinking collective
Jun 2, 2022
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Event: Photoville 2022 / Nature Nurtures exhibit
Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park  Brooklyn, New York
Dates: June 4-26, 2022
Curators: Elizabeth Krist and Sarah Leen

Nature Nurtures may be seen as a free-standing exhibition in Brooklyn Bridge Park during Photoville 2022, June 4-26. The exhibit features the work of 12 photographers who have documented how nature inspires and sustains them, brings solace to others, and is a powerful antidote to the stresses of contemporary life.

"During the isolation of the pandemic, it became clear to many that nature held a cure. Humans have recognized the healing effects of nature for centuries. In Japan, the government studied the therapeutic benefits of immersing ourselves in nature, which they called shinrin-yoku, or 'forest bathing.' Research has shown that regular exposure to nature can lower blood pressure, cortisol levels, anxiety, and can strengthen the immune system."


Exhibition photographers:
Forough Alaei  Tehran, Iran
Rose Marie Cromwell  Miami, Florida
Sharbendu De  New Delhi, India
Katherine Emery  Mount Desert, Maine
Terra Fondriest  St Joe, Arkansas
Naima Green   New York, New York
Cig Harvey  Rockport, Maine
Len Jenshel  New York, New York
Wayne Lawrence  Brooklyn, New York
Yoshinori Mizutani  Tokyo, Japan
Aline Smithson  Los Angeles, California
Caroline Yang  St. Paul, Minnesota

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