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OpenWalls Arles, Photography Award
openwalls arles
Oct 24, 2022
Event: OpenWalls Arles Photography Award
Location: Online for entry. Exhibition in Arles, France 2023.
Deadline: February 21, 2023
Jury: Sarah Leen 

OpenWalls is an international photography award presented by @bjp1854 (w British Journal of Photography) that will exhibit selected works during the Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles summer photo festival at the Galerie Huit Arles. This is an amazing opportunity!! This will be my first time as a member this jury so I am very excited to see the work!! Check it out.

The deadline is February 21, 2023 

The theme this year is "Truth." 

"We are looking for work that considers what truth means in contemporary photography. How does the truth inform the ways we see the world today? Whose truth does a photograph show? Most importantly, what does truth look like to you?" 

OpenWalls Arles | Photography Awards | 1854 Media
OpenWalls is an international photography award by 1854 Media in collaboration with Galerie Huit Arles. Learn all about the award here, including how to enter.

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