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Lauren Steel: World Report Award
festival of ethical photography
May 21, 2021
Deadline: May 28, 2021
Judging: Online
Event: The Festival of Ethical Photography 
Judge: Lauren Steel

The World.Report Award / Documenting Humanity aims at a new form of social commitment through photography. The award is open to both professional and amateur photographers from all over the world. The Festival of Ethical Photography was born in 2010 in Lodi, Italy with the intention of focusing on ethical content of great relevance, bringing the general public closer to social issues.
The award will give attention to works focusing on people and their social or cultural stories; public or private, minor or crucial, major human tragedies or smaller daily life stories, changes and immutability. There are cash prizes, exhibits and gear for the winners. Winners will be announced August 30, 2021. Festical takes place in October. Deadline for entries is May 28, 2021

World Report Award Introduction 2021-EN - Festival of Ethical Photography

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