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Catchlight Visual Storytelling Summit
visual thinking collective
Mar 13, 2023
Event: Catchlight Visual Storytelling Summit 
Location: San Francisco, California 
Opens: 1 PM, April 29, 2023
Curator: Elizabeth Krist

The non-profit media organization CatchLight will hold its 2023 Visual Storytelling Summit on the theme “The Change We Want to See” in San Francisco on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Organized with Elizabeth Krist, curator and formerly a photo editor at National Geographic, the event will feature portfolio reviews with Houston-based contemporary arts organization, FotoFest, in the morning, followed by presenters and topics spanning artificial intelligence imagery, reporting on environmental issues, reproductive rights, racial justice, and how local journalists are holding power accountable at a time when trust in public institutions and mass media are at all-time lows. Registration is free. 

CatchLight Visual Storytelling Summit 2023 — CatchLight
Register for free and join us to be inspired by artists, founders, and innovators; learn from peers and industry leaders; and explore the world through visual works of passion and curiosity.

Visual Thinking Collective

The Visual Thinking Collective is a community of creative independent women. We are committed to visual storytelling.
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